Benefits of Humane Animal Removal

alive trapping Unwanted animal’s invading your home can be a major disruption to your daily life. Besides being a general distraction, they can cause damage to the interior of your home and may potentially carry disease. You will no doubt want to take care of the problem as fast as possible. Many people don’t want to bother with any research and go for the fast, expensive, and violent route. This may include the use of lethal or painful traps or the hiring of removal companies that practice inhumane methods in the name of expediency. Do a little research into who you are hiring experts¬†and how they intend to do their job.

Why choose humane animal removal?

Bat Control in Houston is not just for the animal’s benefits but for your own. Here are some examples to consider when making the decision of how to deal with your unwanted house guest.

Please note, there are many animal removal companies that choose to employ poisons and other toxic chemicals in their removals. These can attract or incapacitate animals as well as kill them. While this seems a rational decision to most, keep in mind that what is harmful to animals may also be harmful to you, your children, or your pets. Using humane animal removal methods allows you to keep your home free from dangerous chemicals. Otherwise, their effect can linger long after use and affect other animals, or human residents, in unexpected ways. These industrial toxins are often rather expensive as well, and a professional remover is likely to pass on any additional cost to you.

In fact, many humane methods often prove to be less expensive in the long run than more lethal means of removing unwanted animals. It might seem counterintuitive but, in a world where the price of ammunition is steadily rising, what is the more expensive option, a bullet or a homemade cardboard box, like the reunion box mentioned above?

By ending the animal’s life you might believe you are taking advantage of a quick, inexpensive, and permanent solution. However, that is often not the case. The urban wildlife population is often quite dense. Many find that killing a squirrel, raccoon or other common urban animal is often only a temporary solution. Soon after the animal removal, another moves in to claim its abandoned territory and the process starts all over again.

raccoonIn contrast, methods like repellent sprays, fences, and other barriers often prove to be better long term solutions. In fact, improper disposal of animal carcasses can attract scavengers, increasing your frustration. Imagine removing an unwanted squirrel or mouse problem only to attract raccoons, seeking to scavenge around your lawn or dig through your garbage cans.

Though they take a little more time to set up they allow homeowners to coexist comfortably with the natural life around them, instead of the stress of being in constant competition with them over resources and space.