What Should You do When Wildlife Enters Your Home?

If you look around outside, you will see wildlife such as deer, squirrels, birds, snakes, and more. Some areas may have more wildlife than others. What happens if one of these wildlife animals enters your home? For instance, let’s say that a snake enters your home. A snake usually enters a home when there are mice to eat. So, in all reality, they are just acting on their nature instincts. But what can you do to get the snake to leave your home safely? First off, you will want to remain calm as possible and avoid startling the snake.


dangerous snakeIf you do catch the snake off guard and it gets scared, it may go deeper into your home and hide. The best option is to open a door nearby. Then gently from behind use an object such as a broom to encourage the snake to head towards the door. However, if the snake is coiled or appears to be poisonous, place a container over the snake. Next, put some weight on top of the container to keep the snake contained. Then, call the Humane Snake Removal specialist to come out to remove the snake safely.

Is there a way to prevent a snake from entering your home? Yes, there are ways to keep the possibility of a snake entering your home, but it is never full proof. Snakes enter buildings most of the time from the ground level. Meaning any holes near the ground should be filled in, so there is no possible way to get into your home. There are several snakes out there that are excellent climbers. So you will want to look around for other places they could get into and seal them off as well.

safe homeOther ways are to keep the outside of your home uncluttered and well maintained. Some ways to keep your home unattractive to a snake is to keep your grass mowed, maintain the shrubbery, and not have piles of wood or junk lying around. When the days are hot and smoldering, keep your door closed and sealed because a snake will most likely be looking for a place to cool off. Remember these are only suggestions on things you can do but are in no way stating that you will never see a snake enter your home. Most of us know buildings of any kind need repairs and maintenance from time-to-time.